Winter Is Coming - Fantasy Hockey Podcast

A podcast about a league you're not in and people you don't know. Alex and Dylan take you through the week of the Winter is Coming yahoo! Fantasy Hockey League. Mostly hockey related, but not always helpful.

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    Oct 30 - Return of the WICFHP

    A new season! A new... season of our podcast? Join us this week as we cover literally everything. Team of McDavid vs Team of Matthews. The latest Senators blunder. Hockey and weed. The Canada Bump. Signing Nylander. Trade Talk. Who We’re Watching. Explaining Youtube Videos.

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    WICFHP Extra! - The Post Draft Episode

    We recorded this a while back, right after our league draft. Join Alex, Dylan, Commissioner Greg, Rookie Dave, Derek SooChamp and that other guy (Nick2) as we reflect on newly drafted teams. We pick team captains, talk about why we should win this year (destiny), league drama and our first players to drop.

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    Sept 27 - The Rookie Show with Dave

    This week we talk to the newbie in our league, Dave. He introduces us to professional hockey in the UK and recounts his love affair with NHL96. We also go through the mock draft he completed and give him advice for our upcoming draft. Later, we discuss rookies that may be fantasy relevant this year.

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    Sept 5 - Pre Draft with Fergy and the Laundry Man - Part 2

    Welcome back for part two! It's Goalies Goalies Goalies. Let's get into it! Will Jake Allen live up to his nickname? Should you be Anti-Antti Raanta? Also on this episode, sleeping beauts and where to find them.

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    NHL Playoffs Round 3 - Seattle Kraken and Fluffy Pillows

    Fergy is back this week for the Conference Finals recap. We talk childhood bedrooms; Fergy buys three posters of JFK, Dylan frames a jar of pickles. We update the Vegas Golden Knights Movie cast. Seattle is getting a hockey team and you can bet on the teams name! Dylan goes over the odds. Arturs Irbe's Fluffy Pillows. Liam Nisson (angry asian grandpa) impressions. Contract talk: Evander Kane and Elias Petterson.

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    NHL Playoffs Round 2 - Noah Dobson Not a Loft

    On this Fergy-less episode Dylan (aka new Fergy) and Greg (aka new Dylan) talk Playoff Brackets, Vertical Hotdogs, NHL entry draft and more. We get into the movie that must be made about the Vegas Golden Knights. 2018 Putin Watch. Dylan congratulates his segues. Who should the Canucks take at 7th overall, Noah Dobson? Fantasy Baseball statistics suck. #VORE

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    NHL Playoffs Round 1 Bonanza aka Rick Nash Time!

    Alex and Dylan talk NHL Player products (#areyoubillebeino?), first round matchups, second round predictions and The Mayor of Vegas. Alex decides our Brass Bonanza needs lyrics. Rick Nash is due to score. Dylan makes a Box Pool. Stick around until the end to find out what we will be up to over the summer.

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    Week 24 - Mike Joins us for Post Season Talk

    Derek Wins! Steve shows up and flushes a toilet. We talk to Mike about Chicago sports, emergency goaltenders and speed skating. Alex sings an ode to large rosters. Dylan say goodbye to the Sedins. We recount memories of Vancouver's favourite twins. We discuss the options for next years fantasy hockey league. 2018 NHL Playoff predictions.

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