Winter Is Coming - Fantasy Hockey Podcast

"The most entertaining fantasy hockey podcast in North America!" Alex and Dylan bring you through the week in hockey, interview hockey fans from around the league and give (questionable) advice. Mostly hockey related, but not always helpful.

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    Feb 25 - Marie Kondo Fix My Team

    The pod is back! Dylan couldn't make it with his suddenly very hectic schedule, so it took two guests to fill his shoes! Alex is joined by long-time league members Derek and Greg as they talk all things Trade Deadline. Breakdown of the Carl Hagelin trade, Charlie Coyle trade, and Matt Duchene trade. We talk ways the Senators can look to fix themselves. We also remember the "Miracle on Ice" and imagine what would happen if Pierre McGuire were commentating that historic moment. We end off with some actual fantasy hockey advice, so be sure to stick around for how to properly clean out your team of thing that don't bring you joy!

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    Jan 21 - Chad Beeswax

    Dylan and Alex are back! with another hilarious episode. They reminisce about gymnastics, and wax poetic about John Toterella and the Canucks. We give advice on paper, play some mad libs, and talk about the dogs in the league. We do the usual BUY, SELL, TRADE advice but give our own trade deadline takes as well! All that and more on the Winter is Coming Fantasy Hockey Podcast.

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    Jan 7 - Hockey ABUNAI!

    Alex and Dylan are back this week with more questionable advice. We discuss holographic technology, get unexpectedly deep about the meaning of sports, discuss what's wrong with the Stars, and what to do if you set your team's equipment on fire hours before a game. We give out some actual useful advice in our usual Buy, Sell and Watch lists for the week. All that and more on this week on the Winter is Coming Fantasy Hockey Podcast.

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    Dec 13 - Neon Warriors

    Alex and Dylan are back this week with more questionable advice. We discuss even more Seattle team names, expansion draft coverage, go deep on whats wrong with the Blues, answer some "Yolobag" questions and go over our Watch, Buy and Sell lists for the week. All that and more this week on the Winter is Coming Fantasy Hockey Podcast.

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    Nov 29 - Bang Bros.

    League Champion and Sexy Gretzky winner, Derek Soochamp, joins us this week! We go over the recent (real good) coaching changes, the rise of the backup goaltender, Ryan Spooners hobbies, the final week of Nylander Watch and we apologize for our terrible Tom Wilson advice. Dylan describes a gif. Alex falls over. Derek pays Patrik Laine $1,000,000. We accidentally cast new roles on the Bang Bus.

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    Nov 23 - Carolina Hurricanes in Section 328

    In our second NHL Fandom episode we talk to Derek of The Cheaters Never Win Podcast and @Section328 twitter fame. Derek brings us through the storied history of the Carolina Hurricanes. We talk Canadian beers, professional wrestling and Hockey, our feelings on Rod "the bod" Brind'amour and what it's like being a 'Canes fan. We also get an insider look on what players your should buy, sell and watch on the Carolina Hurricanes

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    Nov 14 - We Bought a Zoo with Brent Burns

    We've got a new theme song! Thanks to Rookie Dave for creating such a kick ass song for our pod. In this episode we sing covers of our favourite podcast theme songs, catch up with the Ottawa Senators, buy a zoo, take Gretzky's advice, sell high on Thomas Chabot, drop Max Pacioretty, and analyze Tom Wilsons return.

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    Oct 30 - Return of the WICFHP

    A new season! A new... season of our podcast? Join us this week as we cover literally everything. Team of McDavid vs Team of Matthews. The latest Senators blunder. Hockey and weed. The Canada Bump. Signing Nylander. Trade Talk. Who We’re Watching. Explaining Youtube Videos.

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    WICFHP Extra! - The Post Draft Episode

    We recorded this a while back, right after our league draft. Join Alex, Dylan, Commissioner Greg, Rookie Dave, Derek SooChamp and that other guy (Nick2) as we reflect on newly drafted teams. We pick team captains, talk about why we should win this year (destiny), league drama and our first players to drop.

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    Sept 27 - The Rookie Show with Dave

    This week we talk to the newbie in our league, Dave. He introduces us to professional hockey in the UK and recounts his love affair with NHL96. We also go through the mock draft he completed and give him advice for our upcoming draft. Later, we discuss rookies that may be fantasy relevant this year.

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    Sept 5 - Pre Draft with Fergy and the Laundry Man - Part 2

    Welcome back for part two! It's Goalies Goalies Goalies. Let's get into it! Will Jake Allen live up to his nickname? Should you be Anti-Antti Raanta? Also on this episode, sleeping beauts and where to find them.

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    NHL Playoffs Round 3 - Seattle Kraken and Fluffy Pillows

    Fergy is back this week for the Conference Finals recap. We talk childhood bedrooms; Fergy buys three posters of JFK, Dylan frames a jar of pickles. We update the Vegas Golden Knights Movie cast. Seattle is getting a hockey team and you can bet on the teams name! Dylan goes over the odds. Arturs Irbe's Fluffy Pillows. Liam Nisson (angry asian grandpa) impressions. Contract talk: Evander Kane and Elias Petterson.

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    NHL Playoffs Round 2 - Noah Dobson Not a Loft

    On this Fergy-less episode Dylan (aka new Fergy) and Greg (aka new Dylan) talk Playoff Brackets, Vertical Hotdogs, NHL entry draft and more. We get into the movie that must be made about the Vegas Golden Knights. 2018 Putin Watch. Dylan congratulates his segues. Who should the Canucks take at 7th overall, Noah Dobson? Fantasy Baseball statistics suck. #VORE

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    NHL Playoffs Round 1 Bonanza aka Rick Nash Time!

    Alex and Dylan talk NHL Player products (#areyoubillebeino?), first round matchups, second round predictions and The Mayor of Vegas. Alex decides our Brass Bonanza needs lyrics. Rick Nash is due to score. Dylan makes a Box Pool. Stick around until the end to find out what we will be up to over the summer.

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    Week 24 - Mike Joins us for Post Season Talk

    Derek Wins! Steve shows up and flushes a toilet. We talk to Mike about Chicago sports, emergency goaltenders and speed skating. Alex sings an ode to large rosters. Dylan say goodbye to the Sedins. We recount memories of Vancouver's favourite twins. We discuss the options for next years fantasy hockey league. 2018 NHL Playoff predictions.

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    Week 23 - WIC Championship brought to you by Dominos

    Alex and his Mom join Dylan, Steven and Kirk to talk about the league championship. Kirk gets delivery. Steven disappears. Dylan apologizes for a Chicken Parm related story. Mulch Madness is here. We discuss the Sexy Gretzky Memorial Crystal Shard Trophy. WWE hockey players. Is Patrick Laine Wolverine?

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    Week 22 - Steve Ruins the Podcast

    Steve joins us for a rundown of the first round of the playoffs. We talk upsets and whats next for the eliminated teams. Alex introduces us to the [master list of player nicknames. Marc Savard tapes twigs. Curling is hard. What shape stick is best to win a faceoff? Best NHL team giveaways. Dylan and Steve talk about their wood. Steve decides to pause the podcast and makes us all question our own mortality.

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    Week 21 - 31 Thoughts on 31 Thoughts

    Greg and Derek join us for our playoff rundown. Alex misses the playoffs. We talk onions/60, hockey heists, sexy Gretzky and KHL rigging. Alex and Dylan put 31 Thoughts on blast. #pizzajesus

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    Week 20 - Perhaps the Most Informative Episode Yet

    Alex and Dylan grieve over the loss of Brock Boeser. Who should I pick up after the trade deadline? Has any player in the NHL ever worn #69? How can I draft Putin? These questions and more answered this week in "Perhaps the Most Informative Episode Yet."

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    Week 19 - Greg and Derek join the Elephant in the Room

    Greg shares his Steve/Derek team. Dylan is kicked from the chat. Alex mispronounces names. Derek has bigger feet than Pronger. Olympics, Elephants, Jake Muzzin... this episode has everything.

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    Week 18 - Live from PyeongChang

    Alex and Dylan live from PyeongChang! We get to some mailbag questions. Alex buys a soundboard. Who would win in Jaw Wrestling. Scorpion infestations. An exclusive recording of the call between Mike "I can coach anyone" Babcock and Canadian Olympic Curler Rachel Homan. Romance tips from Jake Virtanen.

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    Week 17 - Yolo Swag Swahili aka Nick2

    Nick2 joins us after weeks of bullying to stick up for himself. Weekly rundown. Dylan loses to Nick2. We go through our NHL player Olympic rosters. Things get hostile.

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    Week 16 - XHL and Twitter Games

    Dylan and Alex discuss the double week week in their league. XHL rules and players. Nick 2 has twitter. Yolobag has it's first piece fan mail.

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    Week 14 - Pratt Talk with Paul and Megan

    Megan and Paul address the collusion allegations. Spiritual Fantasy Team Leaders. We describe pictures and Alex turns on Private Browsing. A few technical difficulties and an abrupt end brought to you by Discord.

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    Week 13 - Relegation League with Greg

    Greg is our first repeat leaguer. We talk relegation league with alternative stats. Slow NHL news week plays head games. Real fantasy advice gets dished. Alex decides now is a good time to visit the waiver wire.

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    Week 10 - Meaningless Lines

    We're back for another week! We talk matchups from the week, slow NHL news days from Sportsnet and Olympic rosters. Propose a new winter sport. Graph-gate!

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    Week 8 - Nicks Ode To Brents Behind

    Nick joins us to talk about his love for Brents Behind. Special teams goalies. The business of sport. Dylan gets political, then decides against it. Alex tells stories.

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    Week 7 - Derek Impresses the Ladies

    Dylan hosts alone. Fergy is in a better place. Derek plays hockey trivia and wins? Jerseys look better with cursive fonts.

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    Week 6 - Vegas Golden Knights and Pup Drops

    Alex and Dylan go to a hockey game to eat hot dogs. Gudbrandson Apologists. Darcy Kuemper is a pitcher. Slow News Week discusses Ceremonial Pup Drops.

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    Week 4 - Is this thing on?

    Welcome to the Winter is Coming Fantasy Hockey Podcast. A show about a league you're not in with people you don't know. Mostly hockey related, not always helpful.

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